Alfasoft is a full service e-government consulting company providing requirements analysis, process improvement and custom software solutions.

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is a trusted software development and IT services company based in Chisinau/Moldova
Focusing on e-government by providing project management, business process reengineering ...

AlfaSoft is a IT service for e-Government consulting

Expertise in IT e-Governemnt

Our company focusing on e-government by providing project and program management, business process reengineering, software engineering services and packaged software solutions for the legislative, executive and judicial branches of power in the emerging markets. We help our clients around the world to plan and implement a technology change, appropriately and strategically, using our high-end management information solutions. Our strengths come from highly experienced team – gives us a 360º understanding of any project we undertake; visionary leadership – motivates our team and provide direction for future planning and goal setting; mature process methodology – helps to reach our customers reliability objectives; and, our own all-in-one application framework – helps to deploy applications faster, at a lower cost, and with fewer errors. Our government expertise and global experience gives us the advantage of knowing the requirements and building value-added solutions with a perfect blend of project management and the technological know-how.

Our Team

We have placed a strong execution culture in our business, both in terms of our people and our client engagements. The company employs experienced software programmers and IT professionals that share the founders’ passion and commitment to client service excellence. Their skillsets cover all functional labor categories required to complete system development life cycle (SDLC), including project management and budgeting, functional and non-functional requirements assessment, workflow analysis, conceptual modeling and design, business process reengineering, system design and development, user interface design, testing, implementation, training and support. All of them hold advanced degrees, in software engineering, management information systems, computer programming, public and business administration, and other relevant disciplines.

Project Management Standard

Project management approach is a fully compatible harmonization of standards, rules and processes defined in the "Project Management Body of Knowledge" (PMBOK) framework, issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI) with the experience and best practices gained by AlfaSoft during its activity. AlfaSoft uses the PMBOK to define its core processes of Project Management (i.e. what needs to be done), whereas RUP and Agile (Scrum) helps to provide the procedures to fulfill these steps (i.e. how to do it). This helps us to acknowledge the scope as producing a unique and predefined outcome at a specified time using predetermined resources. The current company’s workflows and software development processes are CMMI compliant, which bring a high level of predictability.

Our strengths come from visionary leadership, highly qualified personnel, mature process methodology, proprietary all-in-one application framework, e-government expertise and global experience.

Since 2005, we have implemented over 51 projects in thirty one countries, scaling from three months to five years and from $50 thousand to $1 million. We are headquartered in Moldova, Chisinau.

We are Microsoft Certified Partner since 2005. We are ESI IT-Mark certificated (equivalent to CMMI-2).


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Understand the scope of the project and establish the "business case". We interview stakeholders, review background materials, observe work practices, identify gaps, recommend improvements and formulate functional requirements and solution specifications.

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Baseline the requirements and the architecture of the system. Using BPMN diagrams and workload simulation tools, we help our clients better understand their existing processes ("As Is") and transform them into new and improved processes ("To Be"). This helps to provide a stable basis for the bulk of the design and implementation effort in the Construction phase.

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Develop the system based on the baselined architecture established during the Elaboration phase. Upon approval, the new business process models become instantly executable on our process server; we flesh them out into complete web applications (e-solutions), by adding portal interfaces, data tables, interactive input/output forms and data grids, editable web content, tabular reports and charts, workflow engine, web services for integration with third-party systems.

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Deploy the system into the user's environment for evaluation and testing. Once tested and accepted, e-solutions are deployed and managed on local servers (on-premises model) or in the computing cloud, public or private (on-demand model).


In its next generation our AlfaFive A5 (former WebAssembler.NET) 2019 Low-Code Business Process Automation Platform

Data Object Builder & Form Designer

Data Object Builder allows building data objects metada configuration and updating related database tables. Different field types are available: text, text area, integer, float, check box (bit), datetime, attachments, image, lookup box to related data sources, picklist, multiple lookup, embedded grid for building master/slave relationship.

Forms Designer provides interface for creating and updating forms for records management operations. A form may contain all types of available data fields which are groupped in sections and tabs. Form provides data type validation as well as compulsoriness check of field value. A wide range of other visual data presentation is also available on the form. Form's Object Model also allows including Java Script and JQuery scripts for performing advanced functionalities.

Workflow Automation

WebAssembler Workflow consists of sequence of steps that has to be performed by the user according to prescribed scenario. Every step may contain a form, stored procedure, web service or other custom components. The flow can be managed by checking value of specific fields from different data tables. If/Else component allows doing it according to specified conditions. Every workflow may also call subworkflows defined for performing some standart tasks.

Process Modeler

WebAssembler Process Engine allows execution of business processes designed using WebAssembler Process Designer based on BPM approach. Process may contain multiple swim lanes every one of which is assigned to a specific business process actor (system role). Engine distribute tasks among actors according to designed process scenario. Every task is associated to a process step and may consists of workflow, data forms or data profiles. Also conditional forking can be added into the process based on analisys of specific data values. In addition to visual object a process may contain other types of units like data update, stored procedures and other custom modules. Process designed by Process Designer do not require any compilation. It become operational immediatelly after it is published.



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Case Management / Audio Recording / e-Filing

Case Management consists of methodology and functionality developed based on best world case management

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Business Registration / Licensing

All-in-one solution is based on WEBASSEMBLER.NET Platform

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Construction Permits

System covers all phases of construction process

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Public Procurement

Solution for government agencies to facilitate procurement process

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Tax Administration

Solution replaces paper-based mechanism

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CMMI Automation

CMMI Intranet for software Professionals

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National Health Insurance Records

Information system for the National Health Insurance.

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Immigration and Border Control

Comprehensive solution that automates Immigration Control

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